Friday, 29 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 227

Greetings children...... it's Friday, the time has come, show 'em what you got!

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Black Shack Sounds:
Show ‘Em What You Got – Public Enemy
Zeinabu – Alkibar Gignor
My Wife Died in 1970 – John Shuttleworth
Miami Advice – Kimya Dawson
You’ve Got to Hold On – Deviants
Walk Among the Cobras (Redux) – Dan Sartain
Fat City – Alan Vega/ Alex Chilton/ Ben Vaughn
Turning Blue – Jay Reatard
I Want It All – Trans Am
Male Slut – The Yummy Fur
Marijuana Leprechaun/ When the Mode of the Music Changes – The Fugs
Our Anniversary – Smog
Missouri Waltz – The Shaggs
Honeydew – Plantman
Dream Away – Dark Globes
Born in Flames – The Red Crayola
Wet Hot Beef (Medecine 8 Rmx) – The Fat White Family
Godzilla – Bixio*Frizzi*Tempera
Powerful Lovin’ – Fergus & Geronimo
You ASS (My Face) – The Mummies
Cheap Thrills – New Kingdom
Redirected – Kelley Stoltz
Don’t Make Me Cry – Frankie Lee
Joy Of Sound – Make-Up
On the Run – The Gories
Laisse Tomber Les Filles – Fabienne Delsol
Dancing the Night Away – The Motors

Friday, 22 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 226

Hello PVC people, here's this week's dose, guaranteed to cure all ills. No Laggers this week but we have been joined by the world renowned DJ Audiobook so you're in for a right treat!

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Thee songs: 
Escape (Film Version) – Brixio*Frizzi*Tempera
Typical Girls – The Slits
One Track Mind – Meatraffle
Twist with the Morningstars – S.E. Rogie
I Can’t – The Rovin’ Flames
Speed – Moon Duo
Garden of My Mind – The Mickey Finn
Sugar Baby – Crystal Stilts
Heat Lap – Marisa Anderson
The Ballad of Lucy Jordan – Marianne Faithfull
Radiates That Charm – Downbeat 5
A Glimpse of Another Time – CTMF
Motherless Child – Witch
Take A Ride – Onra
Miniatures Band One – Morgan Fisher
Jenny – The Carnabeats
I’ll Follow You – R L Griffin
River Deep Mountain High – The Saints
Frontwards – Pavement
London Girls (Peel Session Version) – The Vibrators
Poisonous – Boys Forever
Salt – Institute
Boomerang – Black Lips
Battle Drill – Saafir
Fat Chance – Little Wings
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks
I Just Want to be Your Friend – The Wave Pictures

Friday, 15 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 225

Songs, twenty seven of them, good 'uns too - just for you, and you, and you....... 

Share them with a friend, inflict them on an enemy or listen on your lonesome.

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Roll Call:  
Down In Texas – The Hour Glass
Pure Heart – Wil Seeds
Cream of the Young – The Fat White Family
Pretty Baby – Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops
Not Like I’ve Heard Before – The Hipshakes
The Claw – The A-Bones
Golden Girl – The Rabble
Butterflies Drowned in Wine – Smog
The Quartet of Doc Shanley – The Fall
Adeus Maria Fulô – Os Mutantes
Humor Me – Pere Ubu
Salt On A Slug – The Growlers
A Letter From Hull (Don’s Song) – The Wave Pictures
Alley Oop – The Lovin’ Spoonful
Sling It Bang It and Give It Cab Fare Home – Andre Williams
Miniatures Band 5 – Morgan Fisher
How Happy I Am – Sun City Girls
Can’t Be A Lie – Los Mockers
Big Empty Field – Swell Maps
Wasteland – Damaged Bug
Back Street Hangout – Oblivians
Outside the Trains Don’t Run On Time – Gang of Four
I Got A Right – Iggy and the Stooges
Manns – The Beale
Modern Music – Black Mountain
Lovefingers – Silver Apples

Friday, 8 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 224 - Ladies Night

This week's show is for the ladies, by the ladies (you chaps can listen in too but only if you put on a dab of mascara and lippy, your best frock too if you're feeling super sassy).

All you're hear this week are records with vocals by the fairer sex in the usual genre-spanning manner.

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Thee songs: 
I’m A Streaker Baby – Arelean Brown
Fired Up – Moe Tucker
Roxanne’s Revenge – Roxanne Shanté
Don’t Knock It – Joyce Harris
Rise To The Sun – Alabama Shakes
Sur La Planche – La Femme
Can’t Stop Fighting – Sheer Mag
(My One and Only) Jimmy Boy – The Girlfriends
Tell Me Now So I Know – Holly Golightly
Hitch-Hike – Liliput
Golden Phone – Micachu
I’m Not Sayin’ – Nico
I Love To Rock – Katie Sweet
Flipsville – Stormy Gayle
Mama Needs Your Lovin’ Baby – Linda Hopkins
Fade Away – The New Age Steppers
White Noise – Nots
I Can’t Do Anything – X-Ray Spex
Mass ‘Emmanuel’ – Sister Irene O’Connor
Cowgirl Blues = Jesse Mae Hemphill
Call Me in the Day – La Luz
Utan Utan – Selda
They Say I’m Different – Betty Davis
Lower Leg – Wetdog
Give Him A Great Big Kiss – The Shangri-Las
O-O-H Child – Nina Simone
Reunion – Bobbie Gentry

And finally...................which one of the Craftsmen got so excited by the thought of ladies night that they decided to get their Gutbucket out? 

Answers on a postcard or sealed envelope to Thee PVC Shed.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 223

That's unlucky, you've hit the flights! They've only won the caravan!! Bad hair and beige suits. Jim's jumping for joy. A handful of you will understand that, the rest of you are probably scratching your heads in confusion.

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Thee songs: 
Sannata Theme – Rajesh Roshan
Sun Belt – Uranium Club
Change (Dub) – Killing Joke
Southern Can Mama – Blind Willie McTell
African Dialects – Peter King
Emmioglu – Mustafa Ozkent
Waiting Around To Die – The Lemonheads
Like Wow – The Hoodoo Gurus
The Goin’ Gets Tough from the Getgo –Ween
Ain’t Got A Thing – The Revelators
Demons – Summer Twins
Everything Flows – Teenage Fanclub
Enough About Human Rights – Moondog
Dead Vets – The Gaslamp Killer
Depth Charge vs Silver Fox – Depth Charge
No Somos Malos – Dug Dug’s
I Can’t Stand It (Version 1) – The Velvet Underground
Breakfast of Failures – The Blind Shake
Get Out Of My Life, Woman – Q65
Out of Time – Ramones
Buzzbomb – Dead Kennedys
Just Let Go – The Seeds
Bad Heart – Royal Baths
Head On – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Shades of Blue – The Werps
Blue Dog – O’Hara’s Playboys
Piggy in the Middle – The Castillians

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 222

I don't think we have any songs about bunnies or chocolate eggs this week, so no Easter themes at all for this show 222. Have it early in case you've got better stuff to do on Good Friday.

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Thee songs:
Turn It On – The Flaming Lips
Heaven – The Rapture
Touch Sensitive – The Fall
Alone Again Or – Oblivians
King Of Punk – David Peel & Death
TAQN – Eyes
Fire Spirit – The Gun Club
Gloom Uprising – Don Cavalli
Surfin’ – Ernest Ranglin
Get Carter – BB Davis & the Red Orchidstra
Listen Here – Gene Harris/ Guru
Can I Be Your – Squeeze – Chuck Carbo
It’s An Actuality – Lee Hazlewood
Left Your Door Unlocked – Harlan T Bobo
36 Inches High – Nick Lowe
Vis-A-Vis – Allah Las
£SD – The Pretty Things
Vietnam – Abner Jay
Sailin’ Shoes – Little Feat
Extra Bonus Track – Wreckless Eric
Cough Pills – Damaged Bug
We Are the Hakan – Hakan
Goodnight Goodbye – The Julie Ruin
Yonder Blue – Tortoise
Witness – Debris
Just A Second – Faust
Quasars – The Feed-Back

Friday, 18 March 2016

Sick Note - Transmission 65 Revisited

Paul's not been well this week so we've not been able to record a new show. He's pumped full of drugs and is hoping to be out off his sick bed next week.

Here is our long unavailable The World's Your Oyster show as a gap filler.

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Transmission 65 (The World’s Your Oyster – Sonically Speaking)
Procissão – Gilberto Gil
Agho – Sir Victor Uwaifo
Cet Air-La – April March
Le Two-Step de l’Haricot – Mama Rosin
Come On – Los Saicos
Contre-Elucubrations Problematiques - The Monks
Nice - Kleenex
Twiggy Twiggy/ Twiggy vs James Bond – Pizzicato Five
Genjer Genjer – Dengue Fever
Isla de Ecanta – Pixies
Secrets in Welsh – Country Teasers
Pyar Ka Koee Shola – M.Ashraf Featuring Nahid Akhtar
Alocatel – Mexican Institute of Sound
Inspiración – Calexico
Ca Plane Pour Moi – Thee Headcoatees
Sannata Theme – Rajesh Roshan
Les Filles C’Est Fait… - Charlotte Leslie
Afro Mexicana – Estrella 20/20