Friday, 27 May 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 231

Bonus content week! As it's a long weekend in the UK we've got a slightly longer show, enjoy it while you're standing under an umbrella cooking up a bank holiday BBQ. Or sitting in a darkened room working on your special taxidermy project.

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Thee songs:
Stay Forever – Ween
I’m A Man – The Beavers
Outer Limits – Tyvek
Rosie – Murderer’s Home
Baltimore – Nina Simone
Hotel Blöedel – The Fall
Parentheses – The Blow
I Love You Like A Madman – The Wave Pictures
Vowels of Love – Poets
Mr Soul – Bud Harper
One More Time – Roy Head
Federal Dust – Silver Jews
E.V.A. – Jena-Jacques Perry
Candyfloss – Jonny
We’re Not Supposed To Be Lovers – Adam Green
Marble Tulip Juicy Tree – Ween
Inner City Boundaries – Freestyle Fellowship
One Step Ahead – John Patton
Loving Cup – Oblivians
The Dream – Thee Oh Sees
Old Apocalypse Style – Little Wings
Wild About You – The Missing Links
A Change Is Gonna Come – Otis Redding
They Don’t Know – Kirsty McColl
More Bad News From Nowhere – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Bumpy Roads – Destruction Unit
Rising of the Sun – The Rabble
Neon Gods and Funeral Strippers – Dirty Beaches
In the Pines – The Louvin Brothers
Victoria – The Fall

Friday, 20 May 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 230

Welcome new listeners, welcome old listeners, welcome any listeners, happy Friday..............

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Thee Songs:
Cavern – Liquid Liquid
I Zimbra – Talking Heads
Die Matrosen – LiLiPUT
Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Chocolate Milk
Fortune Teller – Benny Spellman
You’re Gonna Miss Me – The 13th Floor Elevators
Anklung Song – Orchestra Of Spheres
Prisunic – The Limińanas
Flying – The Braen’s Machine
Micro-Miniature Love – Michael Yonkers
What’s Yr Take On - Le Tigre
Looking Up At You – Looking Down At Me – Andre Williams
Aladdin Are You OK? – Adam Green
River Guard – Smog
Now It’s On – Grandaddy
Do You Wanna Touch Me? – The Traditional Fools
(Looking Through) Gary Glitter’s Eyes – The Briefs
Do Nothing – Snuff
For the Love Of Money – The O’Jays
Pinball Machine – The Fall
Glazed Donuts/Prism Fishnets – The Armpit
Strange World – Twin Peaks
Six Pink Cadillac – Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle
Shake Some Action – Flamin’ Groovies
The Only Good Christian Is A Dead Christian – Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel
Nadir’s Big Chance – Peter Hamill
Waiting For the Loveboat - Associates

Friday, 13 May 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 229

Some songs for you, share them with your Auntie Ida or Cousin Vinnie and make their weekend.

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Thee Songs:
A Shot In The Dark – Wiskey Biscuit
Stand By – Jack ‘O Fire
Punkinheaded Motherfucker – The Quadrajets
Betty Turpin – John Shuttleworth
Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ – Robert Wyatt
Akiskan Misafirler Iki – Hayvanlar Akmi
Heart of Darkness – Pere Ubu
Laptop Dog – The Fall
Really? – The Rebel
Summer Babe (Winter Version) – Pavement
Waterworld – Sam Spence
Jeepers Creepers – The Dells
Aftermath (I Could Be Looking For People Remix) – Tricky
Sheila – The Fates
The Criminal Inside Me – R.L. Burnside
Still Feel – Kelley Stoltz
Pedestrian At Best – Courtney Barnett
SuSu – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Ugly Brown – Lee Hazlewood
Satisfied Mind – Pete Molinari
Fascist Dictator – The Cortinas
The Way of the Brave – Dividers
Casket with Flowers – Doc Corbin Dart
You Will Never Find Me – King Lollipop
I’ve Been True – Jannie Williams
Security of Love – Jackie Hunt
Light Brang – Little Wings

Friday, 6 May 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 228

Sun's out, looks like a lovely day, weekend is looking promising too. Get out in the fresh air and annoy the birds and bees with this week's tunes.

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Thee Songs: 
You Better Run (Version 1) – Iggy & the Stooges 
Bellevue Baby – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 
Pirate Love – Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers 
Sad Sad Feet – Cate Le Bon 
Done and Dusted II – Clinic 
Tow Truck (Depth Charge Mix) – Sabres of Paradise 
You Keep the Beats – Plug 
Shallows – The Mallard 
Meigetsu Akagi Yama – Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans 
Back Off – Heavy Trash 
Seventh Day – Mark Lanegan 
People – Silver Jews 
Get Home Girl – The A-Bones 
This Is the Answer – The Makers 
Shambalor – The Cramps 
Merry-Go-Round – Wild Man Fischer 
You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here – The Mothers of Invention 
Bitches, Fuck Off – Country Teasers 
The Tower of Foronicity – Singapore Sling 
Breakfast of Failures – The Blind Shake 

Rhythm of Sex – J.C. Satan
Time Chair – Adam Green 
Deeper Water – PiL 
Out There – Dinosaur Jr 
Peasants, Cripples & Retards – The Gaslamp Killer 
Çarşamba – Mustafa Ozkent Ve Orkestrasi 
Get On Home – The Family Jams 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 227

Greetings children...... it's Friday, the time has come, show 'em what you got!

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Black Shack Sounds:
Show ‘Em What You Got – Public Enemy
Zeinabu – Alkibar Gignor
My Wife Died in 1970 – John Shuttleworth
Miami Advice – Kimya Dawson
You’ve Got to Hold On – Deviants
Walk Among the Cobras (Redux) – Dan Sartain
Fat City – Alan Vega/ Alex Chilton/ Ben Vaughn
Turning Blue – Jay Reatard
I Want It All – Trans Am
Male Slut – The Yummy Fur
Marijuana Leprechaun/ When the Mode of the Music Changes – The Fugs
Our Anniversary – Smog
Missouri Waltz – The Shaggs
Honeydew – Plantman
Dream Away – Dark Globes
Born in Flames – The Red Crayola
Wet Hot Beef (Medecine 8 Rmx) – The Fat White Family
Godzilla – Bixio*Frizzi*Tempera
Powerful Lovin’ – Fergus & Geronimo
You ASS (My Face) – The Mummies
Cheap Thrills – New Kingdom
Redirected – Kelley Stoltz
Don’t Make Me Cry – Frankie Lee
Joy Of Sound – Make-Up
On the Run – The Gories
Laisse Tomber Les Filles – Fabienne Delsol
Dancing the Night Away – The Motors

Friday, 22 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 226

Hello PVC people, here's this week's dose, guaranteed to cure all ills. No Laggers this week but we have been joined by the world renowned DJ Audiobook so you're in for a right treat!

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Thee songs: 
Escape (Film Version) – Brixio*Frizzi*Tempera
Typical Girls – The Slits
One Track Mind – Meatraffle
Twist with the Morningstars – S.E. Rogie
I Can’t – The Rovin’ Flames
Speed – Moon Duo
Garden of My Mind – The Mickey Finn
Sugar Baby – Crystal Stilts
Heat Lap – Marisa Anderson
The Ballad of Lucy Jordan – Marianne Faithfull
Radiates That Charm – Downbeat 5
A Glimpse of Another Time – CTMF
Motherless Child – Witch
Take A Ride – Onra
Miniatures Band One – Morgan Fisher
Jenny – The Carnabeats
I’ll Follow You – R L Griffin
River Deep Mountain High – The Saints
Frontwards – Pavement
London Girls (Peel Session Version) – The Vibrators
Poisonous – Boys Forever
Salt – Institute
Boomerang – Black Lips
Battle Drill – Saafir
Fat Chance – Little Wings
Torrey Pines – Your Heart Breaks
I Just Want to be Your Friend – The Wave Pictures

Friday, 15 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 225

Songs, twenty seven of them, good 'uns too - just for you, and you, and you....... 

Share them with a friend, inflict them on an enemy or listen on your lonesome.

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Roll Call:  
Down In Texas – The Hour Glass
Pure Heart – Wil Seeds
Cream of the Young – The Fat White Family
Pretty Baby – Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops
Not Like I’ve Heard Before – The Hipshakes
The Claw – The A-Bones
Golden Girl – The Rabble
Butterflies Drowned in Wine – Smog
The Quartet of Doc Shanley – The Fall
Adeus Maria Fulô – Os Mutantes
Humor Me – Pere Ubu
Salt On A Slug – The Growlers
A Letter From Hull (Don’s Song) – The Wave Pictures
Alley Oop – The Lovin’ Spoonful
Sling It Bang It and Give It Cab Fare Home – Andre Williams
Miniatures Band 5 – Morgan Fisher
How Happy I Am – Sun City Girls
Can’t Be A Lie – Los Mockers
Big Empty Field – Swell Maps
Wasteland – Damaged Bug
Back Street Hangout – Oblivians
Outside the Trains Don’t Run On Time – Gang of Four
I Got A Right – Iggy and the Stooges
Manns – The Beale
Modern Music – Black Mountain
Lovefingers – Silver Apples